- Popteam Ventures - Beauty and Health is the show-room-on-net of our company Popteam Ventures, whether one lies in Zhujiang River Delta and Guangzhou, pivot of South China.  Currently it is much more competitive in the beauty industry, a lot of knowledgeable people need one new management and management mode come and dominates the market the commanding point urgently. - Popteam Ventures

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NAUpro Products

NAUpro specialized provide the high-quality and competitive-price to you, there have many sorts of merchandise to show you including  Skin & Hair Diagnosis, Fitness & Health Consultation , Ryodoraku Health Analysis , Iris Diagnosis System, Body Care Equipment, Management & Design System, Microscope, Other, ...

Skin & Hair Diagnosis

Skin Diagnostics Sys:NAUMP Hair Diagnostics Sys:NAUMP U55X Skin/Hair Scope:U55X
Scalar USB M2-30X:M2/M3-30X Scalar USB M2-200X:M2/M3-200X i-Scope USB Scope:iScop
M580 Skin Diagnosis:M580 M5/M9 Multiprobe Sys:M5/M9 Wireless scope AirMicro:AM
990U Skin/Hair Scope:990U 900U Skin/Hair Scope:900U 900A Skin/Hair Scope:900A
Skin Moist Sensor:MY808S M750 Skin Test Center:M750 vFace Test Center:VisioFace
DU-2 Dual Sensor:DU-2 66L Video Scope:66L Melanin & Erythema - Mexameter:R600
UMP Skin Analyzer:UMP NAUViewer Software:NV2.0 c-view Video Scope:C-View
c-lite Microscope:c-lite 7EX Microscope:7EX Scalar VL-7HC:VL-7HC
UV Meter:HL600 NAU A68 Skin Scope:A68 HL610 Skin Analyzer:HC-220/HL610
NAU 77X Skin Viewer:77X Skin Digital PH Checker:HANNA TR-3 Triplesense:TR-3
Skin Color Balance:S-color Etude Skin System:etude U77X Skin/Hair Scope:U77X
DM-3 Facial Stage:DM-3 Pigmentation Analyzer:CK-SPA99 PMD700 Analyzer:PMD700
SD27 Sensor(Moisture + Oil):SD27 Multi Dermascope:M800 77L Video Scope:77L
Skin Moist Sensor:MY707s Skin Moist Sensor:SMH-01 Sebum on the Skin Surface:SM815
Sun Protection Test:SP37 Elastometer EM25:EM25 Skin Moist Sensor:NW77
Pen-type Video Loupe:VL-5 Skin Surface Hydration:CM825 SD202:SD202
Skin Diagnostics:NAUplus pH-Measurement:PH905 Transepidermal Waterloss:TM300
SHM100 Skin Analyzer :SHM100 Hair Counseling System:SFH-1/2 i-Sensor:i-Sensor
UV-Light Video Camera:Visioscan VC98 Automatic Skin Analysis :BO-UV Facial Analysis System:JN-3
Visioscope Color 32:C32 Melanin & Erythema Mexameter:MX18 Multi-function Model:66X2
Skin-Visiometer:SV600 Skin Diagnostics:NAUplus Skin Counseling System:AP-1/2
Visioscope BW 30:BW30 BIA Skin Analyzer:BIA Skin/Hair Diagnostics:NAUplus
Manual: Installation: Manual: Fault Correction:

Fitness & Health Consultation

NauFit Fitness & Health Consultation System:NF418B NauFit Fitness & Health Consultation System:NF300A/410A NF200A Fitness & Health Consultation System:NF200A/NF200B
NauFit Fitness & Health Consultation System:NauFit-TBF

Iris Diagnosis System

Iris Diagnosis System:NAUIDS U55X Iris Scope:U55X 66X Iris Instrument:66X
66X2 Multi-function:66X2 77X1 IrisScope for Video:77X1 77X2 Multi-function:77X2

Body Care Equipment

Color pulse spectrum:302 Complete Facial Care:C-care Complete Facial Care-2:F-8800C
Skin Treatment System:ST-sys Body Care:B-care Single & Multi Function System:F-sys
Vapour System:V-sys Supplementary Equipments:S-equip Focus Light:FocusLight

Management & Design System

NAUspa Expert System :NAUexp ND2000 hairstyle designer:ND2000 Salon Management System :NAUspa
Skin&Hair Salon Consultation:NAU MD


VL-77AT Microscope:VL-77ATP DG-3 Digital Microscope:DG-3 DG-2 Digital Microscope:DG-2
VL11S Microscope:VL-11S/SL Scalar USB M3 Scope:M3 L2 Video Microscope:L2
UL-80/81 Microscope:UL80/UL81 M2 USB Microscope:M2 313 USB Microscope:313USB
312 Video Microscope:312TV

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