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18906.com is the show-room-on-net of our company Popteam Ventures, whether one lies in Zhujiang River Delta and Guangzhou, pivot of South China.  Currently it is much more competitive in the beauty industry, a lot of knowledgeable people need one new management and management mode come and dominates the market the commanding point urgently.

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Scalar USB M2-30X - Model: M2/M3-30X

Scalar USB M2-30X-1 Scalar USB M2-30X-2 Scalar USB M2-30X-3

* Amazing low Price! High Quality!
* Get Microscopic images on your PC monitor straight away!
* Study the micro world with your family!
* Magnified skin & hair images provide a new way of enhancing your beauty!
* Contact beauty counselors through the Internet worldwide!

Beautify your skin !
Cosmetic counselors can assist you as you seek to maintain your skin by checking the daily skin condition, texture, blemishes & wrinkles.

Prevention against balding !
You can see the hair condition through a magnified image of the diameter, number and color of the hair. How to massage, and how to maintain hair with appropriate treatment is revealed !

Imager:1/4-inch color CCD(effective 310,000 pixels)
Interface:USB Interface
Magnification:50 times(Based on 14-inch monitor)
Power Consumption:400mA(Supplied through USB Cable)
Dimensions:W46xD98xL154 Approx.200g (with Lens)

Movie:Preview MAX12.5fps@640x480 Capture MAX12.5fps@640x480
Still Image:JPEG/BMP(Win) JPEG/PICT(Mac)
Capture:Capture Button
White Balance:Auto/Manual
Adjustment:Contrast, Sharpness,and Brightness
OS:Windows98SE/ME/2000/XP MacOS8.6/9.1/10.0


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