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18906.com is the show-room-on-net of our company Popteam Ventures, whether one lies in Zhujiang River Delta and Guangzhou, pivot of South China.  Currently it is much more competitive in the beauty industry, a lot of knowledgeable people need one new management and management mode come and dominates the market the commanding point urgently.

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NF200A Fitness & Health Consultation System - Model: NF200A/NF200B

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NauFit Fitness & Health Consultation System is more than a fast,easy and accurate body composition analyzer.is also a powerful educational tool that helps focus weight manaement efforts on reducing unhealthy fat instead od just weight.

NAUFit series of body composition analyzers operate
indepently to provide wealth of data about each person tested.To historically track each client progress and to gernerate custom nutrition and erercise programs, we offer the NAUFit Fitness & Health Consultation System Software for you. Considered the most extensive in the industry,the software interfaces directly with the analyzersto provide your clients with custom educational information instructions and planning materials designed to help them get the more benefit out of their body composition analysis.


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