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NAUpro Products - Microscope --1/2-[10]

1. VL-77AT Microscope: VL-77ATP --[Microscope]

Easy! Fast! Accurate! Power zoom from 12-200X, auto focus, and electronic image polarization throughout the zoom range.

2. DG-3 Digital Microscope: DG-3 --[Microscope]

[Hi-resolution, goes anywhere]
image are displayed on a larger, easily viewable
3.5 in.monitor.
This 230,000pixel high-speed LCD monitor is
mounted on the main body.
Capable of 30 frames per second.

3. DG-2 Digital Microscope: DG-2 --[Microscope]

[Hi-resolution, goes anywhere]
Complete mobility with built-in 2-inch LCD viewscreen
Lithium-ion rechargeable battery for extended use
Captures over 200 JPEG images
Hi-resolution lenses from 1x to 750x
DG2 offers super-hi-resolution 2.3 million pixel images and lenses up to 1000x

4. VL11S Microscope: VL-11S/SL --[Microscope]

A special Negative-Positive switch allows enlarged imaging of 35mm negatives. Images can be taken from photographic film using an optional close-up stand. The negative-positive switch allows such images to appear in normal colors on a TV monitor.

5. Scalar USB M3 Scope: M3 --[Microscope]

Just connect it with USB of your PC and touch the object with tip of the lens. You can easily see and store the magnified images. No driver installation required! You can view the object more clearly with 1.3 Mp imager.

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