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Popteam specialized provide the high-quality and competitive-price to you, there have many sorts of merchandise to show you including  Skin & Hair Testing, Iris Diagnosis System, Health Management, Management System, Body Care Equipment, Hair Design System, SPA Equipment, Plastic Design, Management & Design,... - Popteam Ventures

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NAUpro - About us It is the show-room-on-net of our company Popteam Ventures, whether one lies in Zhujiang River Delta and Guangzhou, pivot of South China.  Currently it is much more competitive in the beauty industry, a lot of knowledgeable people need one new management and management mode come and dominates the market the commanding point urgently.

 We are absorbed in making an offer of omni-directional management and administration solution and franchising plan for the people in the beauty industry, the management of beauty shop software system with IC-card, the best solution for hair & skin diagnosis, varied good and cheap hairdressing and skin-care-and-beauty apparatuses, service of series to you.  We have more experiences with many international companies as their agent or export to them.

Any more, thanks you touch me and hopes you can get you want!

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